Best Long Lake Schools

The public schools in Long Lake are part of the Orono School District. Orono schools are excellent public schools. They are among the best in Minnesota which puts them among the best public schools in the country.

What makes these schools so great? Orono schools have academic achievement as a primary focus, but what’s more, these schools have an active focus on music, foreign language, and extra-curricular activities. The school district believes in engaging students in a number of ways, not just in the classroom.

The school district consists of a lower elementary school, an intermediate school (grades 3-5), a middle school, and a high school. All of these schools offer the full range of a comprehensive public school. This means that regardless of your child’s needs, it is likely that Orono schools can serve your child.

Orono’s test scores tend to be among the best in the state. Other top achieving school districts are also in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. School districts such as Wayzata, Minnetonka, and Hopkins are also high-achieving districts. What sets Orono apart from these other districts is size. Orono is one of the smallest districts in the Metro area, and it has a small town feel to it even though it has the sophistication of a big suburban district.
Orono is not a very diverse district. Most of the student population is white and upper-middle class.

Orono district has expert teachers. Most of their teachers are highly trained and experienced educators who care for their students. They share an attitude and practice of doing what ever it takes to help students learn.

Orono schools are open to tours from those looking to move to Long Lake. Schedule an appointment with the school’s principal and be impressed with the school and the level of responsiveness of teachers and administrators alike.

The nearby suburbs also have a number of private schools. From private church pre-schools to K-12 religious schools, the western suburbs has every option for private education a short drive from Long Lake.

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