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The residents of Long Lake, Minnesota will tell you that there are few joys better than enjoying a Minnesota summer lakeside in your own lawn chair, cold drink near by, waves lapping the shore.

But that patio furniture doesn’t magically appear in the yard, you have to seek out the best. While there are plenty of places you might buy outdoor furniture in the Western Suburbs, your best bet might be to buy your furniture online.

Buy beautiful patio online and have it shipped right to your door. Assembly does not have to be difficult. Read reviews before your buy. They often tell you if the assembly is a pain or not. They often also include estimates for assembly time.

Why buy online? Price and selection are the main reasons, but you might also find that convenience is high on the list. You might think, What’s convenient about assembling my own furniture? The truth is, you may be assembling your patio furniture anyway. Stores like flat boxes to fill their warehouse, not assembled items. So unless you pay someone to put it together for you, you are probably getting a box of component parts whether you buy online or in store. In that case you might as well get the best price.

Weather Considerations for Patio Furniture

These days, patio furniture is made of all sorts of materials. From plastic chairs made of recycled soda bottles, to the traditional wrought iron and wicker chairs our grandparents owned. When choosing your patio furniture, take the materials into account.

First, decided how you want to care for your furniture. If you want to set it out on the patio or deck and forget, then you need an all-weather material that can withstand water, wind, and lots of sun. If you are willing to care for your furniture nightly, by covering it or placing it inside, then your can choose any material, even those not intended for all weather.

Secondly, decide if you want cushions or no cushions. Even if your deck furniture is all weather, your cushions may not be, so there is a higher level of care required by having cushions. There is, of course, also a higher level of comfort.

When you are buying deck furniture online, they almost always tell you the material it is made of. You can do your own research separate from the reviews and descriptions by finding out what materials fit you need. Simply Google the material and see what you find out.

For certain styles, like Adirondack chairs, for example, the plastic chairs can be quite durable. These, however can break and once they break, there is almost no way to repair them. They end up at the curb. A wooden version, however, can be repaired piece by piece so that one purchase may last a life time. They are a it heavier than their plastic counterparts, so they stand up better in the wind.

Best of most worlds

The best of most worlds, that is the material that fits most needs is some kind of painted metal. I say painted metal, because you can repaint it. Even though the elements might cause it to rust. Each year, a can of Rustoleum brings back its former glory. Most metal patio furniture has optional cushions that can be added.




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